Moving home has never been so easy. Whether you are relocating alone or with the help of professional removalists, keeping your high-value furniture safe from damage or breakage is not only difficult but challenging too! Perhaps the last thing you would expect is to see your pricey furniture in a distorted and condition upon arrival. Lack of precautionary measures can leave behind unsightly scratches and marks which can surely seize your mental peace and ruin the experience of relocation altogether. So how can you keep your pricey goods safe during transit? Thankfully, there are some expert-approved tips which can end your woes for good.

1. Equip Yourself With Necessary Packing Supplies

A common misconception among people is that cardboard boxes and packing tapes are all that’s required to keep furniture safe and damage-free. While these items do offer some added protection, they do not necessarily guarantee to protect your high-value furniture from damage. Equip yourself with the following packing supplies if you want a safe and hassle furniture removals in Sydney.

  • Bubble wraps
  • Plastic stretch wraps
  • Sealable bags
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Good-quality tapes

2. Preparing Furniture for Zero-Damage Packing

To ensure a safe and hassle-free Sydney removal services, it’s worth essential to wrap your furniture in a proper way in order to avoid unsightly scratches and marks. Heavy shocks or jerks can erode the surface of your furniture and create small marks that can not only ruin the lustre but damage your pricey assets for a lifetime. So give your furniture a gentle wipe using a clean and dry microfiber cloth and secure them with sufficient bubble wraps to ensure a zero-damage transit. If you are deporting drawers, shelves or cabinets, invest a sufficient amount of time to dismantle the knobs and handles.

3. Disassemble Your Furniture

It’s always a wise idea to disassemble furniture during house relocation as it simplifies the process and ensures a damage-free transit. Moreover, it allows you deport furniture safely in moving trucks and eliminate damage caused by moving bulk goods at a time during house removals in Sydney. However, if you are taking the plunge of furniture disassembling on your own, keep the following pointers in mind to simplify your experience:

  • Take help of the manufacturer’s guidelines to learn the correct order of dismantling.
  • Use sealable plastic bags to store screws and supporting hardware.
  • Note the process of dismantling so that it becomes easier for you while reassembling them.
  • Plan your work in advance to save time during relocation.

4. Strategic Placement of Your Furniture is Essential

This is something every homeowner should pay attention during house relocation. Stacking heavy boxes on top of one another can distort your assets and make you repent for a lifetime. You need to place your boxes containing furniture parts strategically to ensure they stay safe and intact during transit. Stack heavy boxes on the truck floor and stack lighter ones on top. Back them with other packing boxes containing household items to act as a cushioning against jerks. Take special care of upholstered furniture such as sofa sets, bunk beds and wrap them with blankets for additional protection.

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