Moving a house has never been so easy and when it comes to packing fragile goods, the stress becomes double. Sorting and packing fragile goods in respective cartons is one of the biggest challenges during house removals and often they carry sentimental value for which proper care and attention is a must to protect them from damage and breakage.

If you are approaching your move-out date and want your fragile belongings to stay safe during relocation, here are some expert tips that will help you get the job done successfully.

Let Professionals Handle the Job

Packing and moving fragile items isn’t a job of a layman as it requires skills, patience and expertise. A slight mishandling can break your treasured possession and make you repent for a lifetime. If you want to expedite the process and deport your valuable collectables safely to the destination, the best option is to hire professional removalists for the job. Companies offering house removalists in Sydney ensure your fragile goods are packed and secured carefully and you discover them in a damage-free state upon their arrival at the final destination.

Use the Right Packing Supplies

Fragile goods are likely to experience shocks, jerk or bump during transit and to make sure they can withstand the vibrations, all you need to do is use high-quality packing materials. This holds true particularly if it’s a long-haul transit or interstate removals. Ask the house removalists in Sydney to use sufficient amount of bubble wraps, packing tapes, adhesives, packing papers to keep fragile goods safe and damage-free during transit.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the packaging materials you may require at your disposal.

Small-sized boxes for moving glassware and cups
Medium-sized boxes for deporting electrical goods and other sensitive items
Large boxes for moving items like monitor & TV’s
Good quality packaging tapes
Labels with the word ‘fragile’ written on it.
Newspapers & Blankets

Follow the Right Packing Technique

Once you get hold of the necessary packing supplies, it’s time to pack them carefully with the help of experts offering Sydney removal services. However, the nature of packing and arranging your breakables will depend upon its size and fragility.

  • Dishes & Plates: Get hold of old newspapers and wrap it around the plates and dishes. Repeat the same process with rest of the items and place them vertically inside the boxes. Infill gaps with sufficient crumbled papers both above and below the plates for added protection.
  • Glassware: Similar to plates, wrap the glasses with newspapers and place them sideways inside the boxes. Fill in the gaps with newspapers for cushioning.
  • Electrical Goods: While packing electrical items, get hold of their original boxes and use sufficient amount of bubble wraps while packing them. Repeat the same with each item before placing them inside the boxes.

Don’t Forget to Label the Boxes

All your time, money and effort will go in vain if you don’t label your boxes. Labelling is extremely essential when moving fragile goods as the removalists in Sydney handling them will take special care to prevent damage to the contents. You can purchase stickers having ‘fragile’ written on it and stick them at the top of each box or even use a marker and label each box as ‘fragile’.

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