Moving house is always a hassle and when it comes to packing household belongings into individual boxes, most people seem to have nightmares due to the time and effort involved in the task. Packing may seem to be an exciting undertake, but there’s more to just placing things inside moving boxes and sealing them. It requires detailing, careful planning and skills and homeowners who consider house packing services to be a DIY job end up making these terrible blunders.

Using Incorrect Box Size

Most homeowners use random-sized boxes without analysing the dimension of the contents and end up with a huge mess at the final hour of move-out. While it’s wise to recycle old boxes and containers for storing your daily household necessities during home packing services in Sydney, it can be equally difficult to maintain uniformity while loading them in moving trucks.  To avoid the hassle, it’s better to ask the professional house removalists in Sydney to arrange designated moving boxes of varied shapes that can help in maintaining uniformity in the packing job. It will also make stacking easier and you won’t have to break a sweat while unpacking them.

Overloading Moving Boxes

Most homeowners consider it wise to stack all items in a single box to expedite removal services in Caringbah & Botany but practically speaking, it causes more damage than good. Not only it makes boxes unnecessarily heavy but triggers the potential of damage or breakage of goods during transit. Moreover, overloading boxes can distort your delicate items permanently and you will likely get the biggest shock of uncovering your treasured possessions in a completely damaged condition upon arrival.

Not Labelling the Boxes

Adding labels to your moving boxes and highlighting its contents make it way easier to locate your belongings upon arrival at the destination. Unfortunately, most people skip this task and struggle to figure out their belongings while unpacking. Labels are a must especially if you are moving a large space and you should always use a white sticker and black marker on boxes containing fragile goods. Place labels on a side so that you can easily figure out the contents even when they are stacked on one another.

Leaving Plenty of Gaps Inside the Boxes

While it’s never a good idea to overload your moving boxes during house removals in Sydney, it’s equally important to ensure you do not leave any empty space in between items. Gaps between fragile goods can trigger high potential of breakage during transit and you may end up losing your pricey collectables for a lifetime. Fill in spaces using sufficient newspapers or clothes to ensure your items are sturdy enough to withstand the heavy shocks or jerks during transit. Placing peanuts can also offer an extra layer of protection and prevent your items from tilting.

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